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NJ Federal Criminal Defense for Politicians

November 2, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers
NJ Federal Criminal Defense for Politicians
Criminal defense is a specific area of law that requires certain strategies in establishing reasonable doubt for the charged defendant. All criminal cases are processed according to the reasonable doubt burden of proof, and it is incumbent on the prosecutors to provide valid evidence. Some types of evidence can be more easily contested that other detailed information, such as testimony from witnesses who may or may not have been forced into testifying on the government’s behalf. Sometimes oral evidence is material to the case, and sometimes it is not. It is not acceptable for the defendant to merely appear as though they have committed the charged offense. Even though appearances can provide reasonable suspicion, probable cause is still necessary for valid charges to apply. The case must then be proven by the prosecutor beyond a reasonable doubt to achieve a conviction. This condition applies not only in cases involving common citizens, but also applies when politicians are being accused of crimes as well.

High-Profile Cases

Politicians who are being charged with criminal activity face a particular problem because they are known to the population at large. They are not necessarily private persons with respect to their personality, which can present a problem when cases are being prosecuted. Public opinion can matter when criminal cases against politicians are being prosecuted because choosing a jury could prove difficult in many instances. Effective and aggressive criminal defense lawyers understand this issue, and they also understand how to use it to the benefit of the client when ensuring that all rights to a criminal defense are being protected just as with an ordinary defendant.

Facing Federal Charges

Another issue for charged politicians is the level of charges. Typically they are filed on the federal level, although not always, and the court system is often more formal with more serious consequences following a conviction. The same burden of proof applies, but the cases are typically stronger with respect to evidence being supplied by the prosecutors. Federal prosecutors normally do not file charges with weak or borderline evidence, and contesting certain types of evidence can be more difficult. This is why it is imperative to have an experienced federal criminal defense attorney who understands what to expect from prosecutors and how to go about limiting evidence with respect to admissibility and validity.

Requesting a Trial

Exercising full criminal defense rights will usually include taking the case defense to trial. Strength of evidence is commonly the reason for this final option, and those who are indeed guilty of what is charged may want to plea bargain the case down to a lesser charge. While this is a more common result in a state charge, federal prosecutors tend to be more serious and aggressive when charging politicians. Requesting a trial can be an advantage for a politician because media coverage of criminal charges against politicians is common and often presented over all types of media ranging from newspapers to television news. And this is not to mention in-depth Internet coverage of the case. When prosecutors go after politicians it is assuredly serious business. However, finding an acceptable jury can be difficult because of prior knowledge by those sitting on the jury. And a jury of peers is also an intense process as well when seating the jury. Aggressive criminal defense attorneys who represent politicians know how to use this to the benefit of their client to ensure justice is actually served with all criminal defense protections in place for the defendant.

Choose an Experienced Legal Representative

All politicians know that charges brought against them can be very significant watershed moment in their life. But, politicians have constitutional rights just like common people who are charged with a crime of any type. The attorney that is chosen to handle the case makes a significant difference in the outcome because not all attorneys are experienced in high-profile cases, and especially ones involving politicians. The most effective criminal defense lawyers will have a solid track record of success for their clients regardless of whether the case is state or federal.



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