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NJ Federal Criminal Defense for Chinese Nationals

November 3, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers
NJ Federal Criminal Defense For Chinese Nationals
In 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice launched what is known as the China Initiative. Aimed at targeting individuals who may be involved in such activities as hacking, financial crimes, economic espionage, and other similar crimes, the result has been an intensified scrutiny of Chinese nationals. Along with the FBI and other federal agencies, the DOJ has become determined to work with federal prosecutors on as many of these cases as possible. Whether you are a Chinese national living in the United States or elsewhere in the world, the DOJ will have the authority to charge you with various federal crimes, all of which could result in your extradition to the U.S. and possible conviction. Should you be facing such circumstances, contact the Spodek Law Group to obtain legal counsel.

Unique Insight into Your Case
Since cases such as these are some of the most complex that ever enter courtrooms, you will need attorneys who have the experience and knowledge necessary to gain unique insight into your case. Having worked with many of these cases over the years, we know how government investigators approach these cases, the various techniques they use, and much more. Since you will no doubt be confused and have little if any idea what to expect in the days and weeks ahead, contact the Spodek Law Group to discuss your case in greater detail.

Federal Government Inquiries
Should you as a Chinese national receive a federal government inquiry, you should never hesitate to hire experienced attorneys from the Spodek Law Group. The longer you wait before hiring legal representation, the greater chance you take of making major mistakes that could lead to a conviction. Therefore, if you have received a search warrant or subpoena, had federal agents raid your workplace or home, or have even been taken into federal custody, time will be of the essence regarding your ability to have a sound legal strategy in place for your defense. Rather than wait until it is too late, immediately hire the Spodek Law Group to represent you from the beginning of your case until its conclusion.

Economic Espionage
While the China Initiative focuses on many areas where the U.S. government believes Chinese nationals could be engaged in illegal activities, economic espionage is one of if not the area federal investigators focus on the most. Dealing with such activities as those related to the biomedical, technology, and infrastructure sectors, the U.S. government will be very thorough and relentless when pursuing such cases. As a result, you may have little if any idea a problem exists before investigators conduct a raid or place you under arrest. If you are found guilty of economic espionage, you could face an extended period of incarceration in a federal prison. When facing this possibility, place your trust in attorneys from the Spodek Law Group who can tell you what to expect and how to handle various legal situations.

Foreign Influence
While government investigators are keenly focused on economic espionage and cybercrimes, they are also actively seeking Chinese nationals they believe may be trying to influence U.S. politicians and other federal officials. In fact, the DOJ and FBI are currently in the process of monitoring numerous Chinese nationals they suspect may be engaged in illegal activities. Unfortunately, even if it appears you may have done something that you had no idea would be considered illegal, U.S. authorities may use this against you and charge you malign foreign influence, which carries with it severe penalties. When facing such charges, investigators will use intimidation tactics and other measures in an effort to get a confession. Rather than talk to investigators without the presence of an attorney, let us at the Spodek Law Group be by your side each step of the way.

From being accused of acting as a foreign agent to committing cybercrimes against American companies and much more, Chinese nationals have the legal odds stacked against them when facing these and other charges. As a result, you will need the most experienced attorneys available who are not afraid to take on the U.S. government. If you are in need of federal criminal defense attorneys, schedule a consultation quickly with the Spodek Law Group.



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