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NJ Defending Against PPE Fraud Allegations Related to COVID-19

November 3, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers
NJ Defending Against PPE Fraud Allegations Related to COVID-19
As the current worldwide pandemic continues to spread rapidly across towns, cities and countries, most healthcare facilities and essential workers are needing more personal protective equipment often abbreviated as PPE. State Attorney General Offices are paying close attention to any possible PPE fraud allegations that are related to COVID-19 in New Jersey and elsewhere in America.

Any company accused of this crime should immediately get in touch with a reputable law firm that defends companies and individuals being investigated for PPE related fraud offenses.

Not All Complaints of PPE Fraud Are Valid Under the Law

These are truly unprecedented times that we are currently living in, and this has caused a severe shortage of top-quality PPE for workers that must work during the COVID-19 outbreak. These items are crucial, and not wearing them can dramatically increase the likelihood of the person contracting COVID-19. Some of the fraud cases involve matters like price gouging to make a profit of the misfortunes of others, false advertising related to protective level of the items being sold and other situations considered a sham or fraudulent.

What Companies Should Do if They Receive a CID or Civil Investigative Demand

When healthcare agencies and fraud units are notified of possible fraud involving PPE used as protective barriers to help lower the risk of becoming exposed to COVID-19, they will send an official CID. CID means a civil investigative demand and is basically an official notice of an investigation. Any company that is notified in this manner should quickly seek competent legal counsel to determine the next steps in this process.

What Triggers Such an Intense Fraud Investigation?

Consumers and employers trying to find the appropriate PPE needed to keep themselves or their employees safe from exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace or while out doing essential errands now often find the shelves bare everywhere.

There are some legitimate causes for this deficit in protective gear that include hype and fear reports from the media prompting consumers to rush out and stockpile whatever PPE that they can buy without regard to tomorrow and tomorrows shoppers.

Watchdog agencies and other organizations look for evidence that a PPE manufacturer or retailer is jacking up the price and/or limiting the supply available to consumers with a clear intent to net a huge profit for themselves. These actions can be crimes under fraud laws enacted to safeguard the consumers in just these sorts of emergency situations.

Some Fraud Claims Are False & Companies Can Fight These Charges

When a particular item that is in high demand is suddenly in short supply, those manufacturers or retailers must pay more to other suppliers and distributors of this product element higher up the scale. This then may cause those lower totem pole companies to raise their prices as well in order to stay in the black from a business point of view. Companies can and should fight fraud claims that are false, and they should speak with a criminal fraud defense lawyer familiar with these sorts of cases.

False & Misleading Product Advertising Claims Can Be a Fraud

Companies who purposely mislead consumers about their product in advertising or other marketing claims could be setting themselves up for a serious criminal fraud charge that could result in steep fines, reimbursement fund orders to victims hurt by the fraud, loss of a business license or other certification needed to be in business and might include jail time too. This is why legal experts caution that all businesses should take threats or notices of fraud investigations seriously.

Where To Find a Credible & Experienced PPE Fraud Defense Lawyer

Your choice in a lawyer is key towards getting this serious fraud investigation resolved in favor of the client. A thorough review of the business practices should be done, and a legal plan of action to settle these charges should be drawn up with the company’s chosen attorney drafting the document.

It’s important to hire an attorney that has the background, knowledge and experience to litigate on your company’s behalf in front of a judge or jury. Contact Spodek Law Group via for details.



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