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NJ Crime Descriptions

November 1, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers
NJ Crime Descriptions
In the state of New Jersey, there are numerous types of crimes that a person could commit. There is also a range of punishments that the defendant could be sentenced to depending on the person’s criminal background and the exact nature of the crime. After being arrested, it’s important to contact an attorney who can offer assistance in looking at the evidence against you so that a proper defense can be put in place.

White Collar
These are crimes that are often associated with money and business. They usually don’t involve violence as the person committing the crime is often out for financial gain. The following are only a few of the types of white collar crimes that can be committed.

Healthcare fraud includes submitting documents to an insurance company to receive payments for medical services that aren’t provided. It could also include billing for a service that is more expensive than another when the lesser service was performed. Tax fraud can be committed in various ways including providing false information on tax documents or not paying enough taxes.

When someone receives federal or state assistance and falsifies information in order to receive more assistance, then this could be considered a white collar crime. Common programs that are often involved include food stamps and Medicaid or Medicare. Money laundering is a common white collar crime that can be committed anywhere. It involves opening a business under the pretense of offering a specific service or product while the real business involves selling drugs or other illegal items.

If someone interferes with the links of the criminal justice system so that the person who committed the crime doesn’t receive a punishment, then this could be considered obstruction of justice. Giving false information to police officers or court officials are common ways that this crime can be committed. Destroying evidence is another way that someone could obstruct the justice system.

Grand theft and identity theft are common crimes that are usually white collar since they tend to involve money or financial gain for the person committing the crime. In order to be charged with grand theft, someone would need to steal items that are valued at a certain amount of money. Identity theft involves someone stealing the personal information of one person to pass the details as their own.

Drug Crimes
Conspiracy to distribute controlled substances means that at least two agree to buy and sell drugs of any kind. Even if one party doesn’t complete the task of selling or buying, then that person can be charged with intent if there was a clear agreement in place. If a weapon is used when a crime is committed that involves drugs, then the charges against the person could be a bit more severe, especially if someone is injured during the crime.

Acts of Violence
When an object or any type of force is used when a crime is committed, then it’s usually considered a violent crime. Sexual misconduct includes rape and exposing the genitals in an unwanted situation. Any degree of murder can be charged as a violent crime. If elements of a murder are committed in two or more states, then the person could face federal charges. Attempted murder involves the act of trying to kill another person through the course of one or more actions that are deliberately in place. If someone kills another person without intent but while committing a reckless behavior, then the person could be charged with manslaughter.

Other types of crimes that can be committed include armed robbery, assault, drunk driving, voter fraud. If you have been charged with a crime, you will likely go through an investigation involving an officer or another member of the court. Your attorney can help you answer questions or prompt you to stay silent until you appear before a judge.



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