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New Jersey Medical License Revocation Lawyers

August 30, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers

For any healthcare professional, having a license to practice their profession is of utmost importance for a successful career. However, due to complaints or other questions regarding their skills, abilities, or ethics, the time may come when they face revocation of their license. Needless to say, this is a situation that could potentially ruin their career. Whereas a license suspension may last only for a specified time and result in the return of the person’s license, a revocation can be far more severe and last for an indefinite period of time. In addition to this, the healthcare professional may also be expected to pay fines, complete drug screenings, and even obtain certain types of insurance in an effort to resume their career. If you are a medical professional and are facing the possibility of license revocation, the smartest thing to do is hire the services of a license revocation lawyer with the knowledge and experience needed to right whatever wrong has been committed against their client.

Licensing Investigations
In many cases involving possible medical license revocation, the physician often believes the matter will be resolved quickly since they have done nothing wrong. While in many instances this happens, there are just as many or more times when the investigation plays out over weeks or months. Even if a complaint turns out to have no merit, it may take investigators a significant period of time to reach this conclusion. Along the way, the physician and their staff may be asked to speak with investigators. If this is the case, no conversations should ever take place without the presence of a knowledgeable medical license revocation lawyer. While during the course of a conversation something may be said by a physician or staff member that may seem inconsequential, it could in fact lead to numerous catastrophic results. Because of this possibility, any and all conversations should be taken very seriously, and should always have legal counsel present.

How Do Complaints Originate?
In matters involving medical license revocation, complaints often originate from a patient who has been dissatisfied with services provided by the physician. In other situations, the complaint may originate from another healthcare provider who may be questioning one’s ethics or standards of care. Whatever the case may be, once a complaint is filed, the investigative process begins. If it is not taken seriously by those who are being investigated, chances are the result may be a loss of one’s license and other penalties such as fines. While all complaints are taken seriously by investigators, it is those that originate from other healthcare professionals that often get much more scrutiny. Since investigators often assume a healthcare professional may be more knowledgeable about the situation than a typical patient, they may assume guilt before all the facts are gathered. This is precisely why the services of a New Jersey medical license revocation lawyer are so important, since they can protect the rights of the accused every step of the way.

Professional Reputation
Perhaps above all else, a healthcare professional who loses a license to practice takes a tremendous hit to their reputation. In many cases, even if they are able to have their license restored at some point, the damage has already been done. Along with losing tremendous amounts of money due to an inability to practice their chosen profession, the damage to their professional reputation can in many cases never be undone. Often finding it hard to resume a practice, build a clientele, or obtain staff privileges at local hospitals or other healthcare facilities, many of these professionals find themselves almost paralyzed from the results of the investigative process. Rather than let this happen, it’s far better to immediately retain the services of a New Jersey medical license revocation lawyer as soon as possible once a complaint is filed. By doing so, rights can be protected from day one, and the lawyer can begin talking with those involved in the process to determine the best defense strategy. Since many times these complaints result from a disgruntled patient or employee, the lawyer can examine the evidence and make a determination as to the severity of the complaint. By being able to do this, the attorney can often meet with the person making the accusations and bring a quick resolution to these matters.

Types of Accusations
Whenever license revocation is done, it’s usually because of several types of complaints. Among the most common are gross negligence, incompetence, fraud, immoral conduct, substance abuse, and actions that could result in a criminal conviction. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear these accusations must be taken extremely seriously, even when they have no merit behind them. As many healthcare professionals have witnessed over the years, once an investigation begins anything can happen. However, by having a license revocation lawyer representing them, many of these cases often turn in favor of the accused.

Ask for Help Today
Instead of going through an investigation alone and thinking license revocation can’t happen to you, obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. By hiring an experienced New Jersey medical license revocation lawyer, you can be assured of having expert legal representation from day one of the investigation, which could prove crucial in the weeks ahead. No matter how trivial a complaint may sound, letting an experienced lawyer handle the details of the case may be the deciding factor in saving your career.



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