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New Jersey How Do You Know If You’ve Been Charged With a Federal Crime?

November 3, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers

Legal experts point out that most crimes are handled at the state level in New Jersey. However, it is important to note that certain crimes are considered federal cases and will be heard in the federal court system rather than the state. Some cases will have both state related charges and criminal federal charges making the proceedings even more confusing to the average person. Many New Jersey residents wonder how they would know if they’ve been charged with a federal crime.

Are Civil Proceedings the Same as Criminal Proceedings?

Some law firms specialize in federal crime defense both in civil court and in criminal courts. This means that the attorneys will be very familiar with various federal crimes and the best criminal defense strategies that will help their valued clients. When the evidence isn’t enough to make a criminal charge stick, some charges may be filed in the civil courts which require less evidentiary proof. These civil actions are usually concerned more about financial compensation or settlements.

Federal Charges Are Often Related to White-Collar Crimes

Some examples of the various federal charges that may be filed in white-collar crimes include Medicaid and Medicare fraud cases, public corruption charges and various forms of tax evasion activities. It is essential that corporations and others charged with federal crimes to hire a lawyer with amble background experience and a successful record of winning their cases for the clients. These charges tend to be more punitive often due to the high dollar amounts typically encountered in these white-collar crimes that slipped under the radar for far too long.

Try to Find a Legal Team With Prior Prosecution Experience

It is common for former prosecutors to move over to the opposite side to become federal criminal defenders. This type of experience helps to make these defense lawyers a force to be reckoned with at any rate. These attorneys will have first-hand experience in being able to figure out what their opposing legal experts will be thinking and how they intend to proceed. Any federal crime should be thought of as a serious matter, and the accused should ask for a lawyer before even talking to police or investigators.

When Are Criminal Offenses Sent to Federal Courts?

In some cases, the corruption charge or other criminal offense is so broad that is involves a widespread and possibly multi-state range of involvement. A prostitution case where the offender travels across state lines in order to commit the lewd act may fall under the federal network. Other cases related to a weapons or drug charge might even cross International borders making the defense even more complex. Federal crime prosecutors will typically have far more resources and experts to launch a full-scale criminal prosecution case.

New Jersey Defendants Will Require an Aggressive Defense Plan

The risk of being convicted of any International or other federal crime is too high and risky to ignore. Federal criminal convictions carry higher penalties that often involve mandatory sentencing guidelines that judges must follow. This could mean high number monetary fines, fees and restitution orders as well as lengthy prison sentences and longer probation obligations down-the-road.

In these cases, the first New Jersey defendant to make a deal with the prosecution will usually get the more lenient sentencing results. This is why it is crucial to have a seasoned federal crime defense attorney on your side from start to finish of any possible federal criminal investigation.

Pick a Law Firm That Offers an Extensive Network of Resources

The lawyers that work on federal criminal defense cases must have the extensive network of resources at their disposal that closely matches those valuable resources that the prosecuting attorneys on the other side of the court battle will surely have at their disposal.

This means that any company official or private individual charged with white-collar or other federally handled crimes should be diligent in finding the best law firm in New Jersey that will put forth the required time, effort and resources to successfully litigate your specific criminal case in the federal courts.

Get a Legal Team Ready to Fight Your Legal Battles Aggressively

Find a New Jersey federal criminal defense attorney who will aggressively fight for your legal rights without delay. If there is any question of whether a criminal investigation will be headed to federal court, the charged parties should take steps to find an experienced attorney able to resolve their client’s possible legal troubles without having to go to an actual court trial whenever possible.

This attorney should also have the reputation of being discrete in handling certain high-profile cases involving well-known figures to preserve reputations as much as possible throughout the lengthy proceedings. Contact Spodek Law Group via



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