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New Jersey Health Care Fraud Lawyers

November 2, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers
New Jersey Health Care Fraud Lawyers
Health care providers usually devote their lives to serving the health needs of the people within their communities. The rising costs of healthcare has resulted in more individuals utilizing government run health insurance organizations like Medicare and Medicaid according to prominent New Jersey health care fraud lawyers.

This has created concerns among taxpayers as their taxes keep going up through the years. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous healthcare providers have taken advantage of an overworked system of healthcare agents to initiate lucrative health care fraud schemes as this country has never before seen in such a high dollar amount cost. The taxpayers typically have to pay for these costs in various tax obligations.

Don’t Risk Your Entire Career by Choosing the Wrong Lawyer

The business end of running a healthcare company is often left to hired help that take care of the accounting books and medical coding for health insurance reimbursement payments. Even the best employees can make a mistake in how they determine their practice’s or facility’s expenses and credits. Don’t risk your entire healthcare related career by choosing the wrong lawyer to handle a serious health care fraud accusation that might seem trivial at first glance.

Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals Need to Guard Their Reputations

The success of a doctor, healthcare facility or other health care related professional depends on keeping their good name and reputation in the communities where they live and work every day. If a former patient files a fraud claim, this should be treated like a hot potato with great haste in being aggressive in preserving your reputation that can quickly become smeared by unfair allegations. Even if the case is settled in your favor later, those lingering impressions will remain within the communities nearby.

Medical Fraud Can Carry Stiff Monetary Fines & Possible Prison Time

Some doctors, nurses, pharmacists or other licensed healthcare workers are unaware that medical fraud can result in exceptionally steep monetary fines and possible prison sentences if the health care worker is convicted of fraud. The government takes a serious and aggressive approach to their investigations of health care and medical related fraud accusations that everyone should pay close attention to in order to avoid these dire circumstances.

Dealing With Fraud Charges Can Be Frightening & Confusing

When someone is considered a whistleblower, or if a person that works in healthcare is being investigated for some type of health care fraud, this can be a difficult, long and complex time that is often described as frightening and confusing as well. Having a knowledgeable and successful legal team in your corner can make a huge difference when everything is settled and done. Always speak with a reputable and seasoned New Jersey health care fraud lawyer sooner rather than later.

A Sharp Legal Team Will Have the Other Parties On the Offensive

A health care professional charged with one of a number of possible health care related fraud offenses should not be passive in their defense. Legal proceedings can be complicated, and it is necessary to mount an aggressive defense strategy to have a chance of winning the case in court or in an out-of-court settlement agreement. A sharp legal team understands how these cases work. These experienced and skilled legal professionals are not intimidated by other law firms and will fight aggressively for your rights under the law.

Consult a Competent Attorney With a Successful Track Record

Not every law firm will have the amount of experience in high-stakes health care fraud cases to pull off a successful outcome for their concerned clients. Always investigate any lawyer that is being considered for the job before making that all important decision of which attorney to select for your case. Look for lawyers that can prove a successful track record of litigating fraud cases in an actual brick-and-mortar courthouse. Everything could be dependent on this crucial decision.

The Penalties Are Even Tougher With Medicaid/Medicare Fraud Cases

The federal government is in charge of overseeing the massive healthcare insurance organizations like Medicaid and Medicare. When fraud is suspected, it is usually in reference to Medicaid/Medicare fraud criminal charges. These charges are often considered a felony that could carry mandatory sentencing rules like maximum jail time and other regulations. Find a law firm that is very familiar with both Medicare and Medicaid fraud related charges.

How to Prepare for a Valid Fraud Defense

The first step in preparing for a valid and effective health care fraud defense in New Jersey or anywhere else is to hire the right attorney for the formidable job ahead. Call or otherwise contact Spodek Law Group via online from the comfort of your own familiar home. Your future is at stake.



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