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New Jersey Federal Investigation Of Government Contractors

November 10, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers
New Jersey Federal Investigation Of Government Contractors
While most everyone has heard of government contractors, many people have little if any idea of who these people are and how they work hand-in-hand with the federal government. In essence, government contractors are either individuals or businesses that are offering various goods or services to the federal government. By submitting bids to various federal agencies, contractors are selected and thus employed by the government to deliver certain goods or services. But like many other business endeavors that are tied to the federal government, these contractors can find themselves under investigation by authorities. When this occurs, those acting as contractors should immediately hire New Jersey attorneys who are experienced in navigating these complex investigations.

What Prompts These Investigations?
When government contractors are placed under federal investigation, it is often because they are suspected of partaking in such acts as bribery, corruption, or failing to live up to the terms of their contracts with the government. Though the federal government may not be known for always being fiscally responsible, any hint of illegal activity associated with government contractors will almost always prompt an investigation. In numerous cases, a contractor may inadvertently make mistakes on paperwork or other matters that make it appear as if they are involved in corruption or other acts. Should this apply to you, hire New Jersey lawyers who can go to work proving your case and clearing your name.

The Bidding Process
If there is one area that always seems to get the attention of government investigators when it comes to government contractors, it is the bidding process for various projects. Since most agencies select contractors who are able to place a low bid for delivering certain goods or services, there is tremendous competition during the bidding process. As such, should a contractor submit an extremely low bid or display other irregularities during the bidding process or afterwards, it is likely government investigators will start taking a closer look, even if the contractor has committed no intentional wrongdoing. Thus, even if you as a contractor were very careful when submitting paperwork and placing your bid, you could in fact be under federal investigation without even knowing about it for a period of time. However, once you are made aware of this either by a visit from federal agents or by receiving a letter from the office of a U.S. Attorney General, it’s time to hire New Jersey attorneys who know how to defend government contractors who are under federal investigation.

Delivery Fraud
In many of these situations, the federal government will allege that you as a contractor initiated and participated in delivery fraud. When this occurs, it will be alleged you colluded with the person in charge of the bidding process to submit what they knew would be the lowest bid, thus awarding you the contract. Along with this, it may also be alleged you delivered goods or services that were sub-standard, or that you submitted invoices for deliveries that were never made. In any case, the federal government takes a very dim view of having others commit fraud against it, and will have prosecutors who are determined to make an example out of you in court. Rather than let this happen and find yourself facing penalties of large fines and years spent in prison, contact New Jersey attorneys who can examine your case and explain what you should do next.

If you are accused of offering kickbacks in exchange for being awarded a federal government contract, don’t expect federal investigators to take it easy on you. In fact, the opposite will happen. When kickbacks are alleged, this means the government is saying that as part of a deal to be awarded a contract, you promised the person in charge a percentage of your profits or gave them other valuable gifts to gain their cooperation. Should the government be focused on your role in a possible kickbacks scheme, the FBI and other federal agencies will do all they can to prove your guilt. While they may try to intimidate you by claiming they have substantial evidence proving their case against you, this may not necessarily be true. To make sure you get the very best legal counsel during this process, hire New Jersey lawyers who are not afraid to deal with the FBI or other agencies and find out exactly how strong a case they possess.

While you thought being awarded a federal government contract would be an excellent business opportunity, it has now turned into a nightmare since federal investigators are making allegations against you and your company. Instead of letting this situation spiral out of control until you are sitting in a prison cell, contact New Jersey federal investigation attorneys who understand government contractor investigations and can protect your rights from the very beginning.



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