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New Jersey Drug Distribution Defense Lawyers

November 2, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers
New Jersey Drug Distribution Lawyers
A conviction on a drug distribution charge is sure to wreak lasting, perhaps even catastrophic effects on the life of any defendant. In addition to the prospect of long-term incarceration, exorbitant monetary fines, and ongoing terms of probation, such individuals may face extreme difficulty when it comes to resuming anything close to a positive, productive life once they have served their sentence. The stigma of a serious criminal record is something with which no one wants to contend, and if you are facing allegations of dealing in illegal substances in this state, New Jersey drug distribution lawyers stand ready to help.

Severe Nature of Drug Distribution Penalties

Both the selling and distribution of illegal substances are prohibited by federal and state law, and as such, the potential implications for defendants can be profound, indeed. While legislators in New Jersey have imposed their own penalties for these offenses, there are times in which federal authorities will also intervene to pursue een more severe punishments for those implicated in such crimes.

It is worth noting that while possession of comparatively small amounts of illegal substances is unlikely to yield life-changing penalties, those who are found guilty of distributing sizable quantities of drugs or are found to have been involved in a conspiracy to do the same should know that they will almost cetainly be subject to severe outcomes come sentencing time. Because of this, anyone charged with this type of offense should secure the help of experienced legal representation promptly.

New Jersey Drug Distribution Sentences

According to New Jersey statutes, it is illegal for anyone to knowingly or deliberately distribute or possess with an intent to distribute a controlled substance, an analog of the same, or a counterfeit version of such a substance. Penalties imposed following conviction of this type of offense depend on a series of factors, including the particular drug and amount at issue. Cases of this nature are highly fact-specific and require the careful investigation a skilled drug possession attorney can provide.

Drug statutes in New Jersey often carry minimum sentencing provisions during which parole is not possible for particularly egregious offenses, and onerous fines are often assessed as well. While individuals charged and convicted of crimes involving smaller quantities of illegal substances may face somewhat less stringent punishments, the consequences remain quite severe, and a seasoned attorney will work to achieve the most favorable outcome in each case.

Drug Distribution Conspiracy Charges

It is important to note that in New Jersey there are additional sanctions for anyone who is convicted of leading a drug trafficking or distribution network together with two or more other individuals. The punishments possible in such scenarios are severe, with those found guilty facing a life sentence in which parole is not possible for the first 25 years. Also, offenders convicted of this type of offense are vulnerable to massive financial fines from which it can be virtually impossible to recover.

Ongoing Impact of Drug Distribution Charges

Drug distribution charges that end in conviction are likely to bring about consequences that are difficult, if not impossible for offenders to ever overcome. Long-lasting prison terms and financially ruinous fines are but the start of the effects sure to haunt individuals for the rest of their lives, even after they have paid their debt to society. Anyone with an offense of this sort on their record will undoubtedly find it challenging to obtain employment, pursue higher education, maintain healthy relationships with family members, or perhaps even remain in this country if they are not citizens at the time of the offense.

The Critical Importance of an Aggressive Drug Crime Defense Attorney

The stakes could not be higher for anyone accused of a drug distribution offense in New Jersey. Because the ramifications of conviction are so profound, there is no time to waste when it comes to enlisting assistance in constructing a sound legal defense. A zealous defense attorney will immediately set to work examining the facts of each case, identifying flaws in the prosecution’s evidence and arguments, and endeavor to secure a dismissal of each charge or, at the very least, seek to minimize the impact at sentencing. If you are facing a distribution charge and are ready to mount a vigorous defense, contact a New Jersey drug crimes attorney today.



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