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Lewdness and Indecent Exposure in New Jersey

August 28, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers

Sex crimes are one of the common types of criminal charges in New Jersey. New Jersey residents can be charged with committing certain acts that are illegal under state laws. Those who are convicted of a crime of this sort such as lewdness and indecent exposure in New Jersey may face possible jail time, prison sentences and even fines. Like many other laws, these are highly complex. Anyone who has been charged with lewdness and indecent exposure in this state should immediately consult with a lawyer. Skilled legal assistance can ensure all those who are facing these charges have access to the kind of help they are allowed under law. It’s imperative to understand the kind of laws that are on the books and how they might play out in regards to an individual’s specific personal circumstances. The right legal help can explain what is likely to happen as well as the best possible way to offer a defense in court.

Serious Consequences

Lewd behavior is one of those areas where charges can fall into more than one category. In general, someone charged with lewd behavior may face punishment under the disorderly conduct offense. They can also face potential charges as a crime of the fourth degree. All such convictions are considered sex crimes under New Jersey state law. A sex crime conviction can lead to the requirement to remain on the New Jersey state sex offender list. As such, it can lead to all kinds of problems such as the need to stay a certain distance from schools, a rearrangement in child custody plans and even the potential loss of a professional state license. That can lead to someone being barred from certain types of employment as well as facing dismissal from their existing job. These are some of the reasons why finding legal help after this kind charge should be done immediately. Legal assistance can offer a means of getting reduced penalties or even having the charges completely dismissed.

Indecent Exposure and Lewdness Charges in New Jersey

Under law, lewdness is considered exposing genitals deliberately when not allowed to gratify that person or someone else. There are many different types of behavior that can fall under this classification. For example, flashing is where someone else exposes their genitals in a public place such as a subway or store. A person may also have sex in a public place. A man can be accused of lewd acts if that man urinates in a public place. Even mooning or exposing one’s buttocks can lead to a criminal charge under these laws. Many such acts can be committed while someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. That can lead to additional charges of being intoxicated in public. These laws can also be complicated by other factors. For example, someone might have sex in a place they thought did not allow for public viewing such as a relatively secluded beach or a car parked on a side street.

Potential Penalties

A disorderly person’s offense may lead to a jail term of up to six months and a thousand dollars in fines. If a motor vehicle was involved, the person can also face the loss of a license.

A charge in the fourth degree can be even more serious. Offenders can be facing up to a year and a half in prison and a ten thousand dollar fine as well as a suspended license. This charge can be in place if they involve a child under thirteen where the offender is at least four years older or the person witnessing the act is considered legally unable to understand the conduct involved.

These charges can have long lasting issues. An employer is allowed to find out about such convictions. The same is true of colleges. Both organizations are allowed to factor in such convictions when making hiring decisions or choosing to offer someone admission to the college or a specific program such as nursing or teaching. These convictions can prevent the convicted from pursuing important life goals. Anyone who has been charged with such crimes should get in touch with legal help as soon as possible.



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