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NYC Identity Theft Crimes Lawyers

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NYC Identity Theft Crimes Lawyers

Our highly rated NYC identity theft crime attorney can help you build an amazing defense.

Identity theft crimes have gotten more, and more, common – due to the rise of the internet. Many states were unsure how to deal with cyber theft crimes. Today, the prosecution knows how to handle identity theft crimes. If convicted, you could lose your freedom. Spodek Law Group, PC, has built an amazing reputation in New York for handling tough identity theft cases and winning. We want to provide the highest level of service and results to clients.

New York penal code clearly identifies identity theft as an instance where a person knowingly, and with intent, defrauds the identity of someone by presenting himself as that person, or acting as that other person by using personal information. This can also result in other charges – such as computer crimes, theft, wire fraud, and more. It can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. Regardless of which degree of identity theft you’re charged with, you need a service driven New York criminal defense attorney to help you.

Our team can help with all of the common issues you will encounter during your identity theft case. Identity theft is an everyday crime now. It’s divided into 4 degrees, each of which has it’s own elements – which must be proven by the prosecution.

Third degree – This is when a person commits theft and with the intent to defraud. He/she assumes the identity of another person, to get things like goods, money, services, or credit cards.

Second degree – This is the same as third degree, except that the goods, services, etc, are over $500.00. Third degree theft can be upgraded to second degree, as a result of factors like repeat offenses, convictions for other felonies, or if you’re convicted for using a credit card skimmer, or if innocent victims had financial losses.

First degree – This is similar to second degree theft, except that the value of the stolen goods is over $2,000. There are several aggravating factors which can cause the identity theft crime to be upgraded to a first degree crime. This is a felony in NY.

Aggravated Identity Theft – This occurs when someone commits identity theft and knows the person is a member of the armed services, and is deployed outside the USA. This is a felony, regardless of the value of the property which is stolen.

Our team of trial attorneys understands how to evaluate electronic records, and false documents, that the prosecution may present as evidence. We can strike down the evidence, if it’s wrongfully attained. In addition, we can find key experts who can testify to the evidence presented – and discuss why it may not be accurate. Our job as your criminal defenses attorneys is to introduce doubt into the case and win you

Our NYC criminal defense law firm was founded by former prosecutors. We understand, how to build the strongest and best possible defense for our clients. When you work with us, you can trust us to represent you and win.

NYC Identity Theft Crimes Lawyers

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