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Fraudulent anti-aging products Lawyers NYC

Protecting Legal Rights with Fraudulent Anti-Aging Products Lawyers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, established strict guidelines for the manner in which certain types of products are promoted and marketed to the public. For example, the FDA maintains strict guidelines for the manner in which so-called anti-aging products are marketed to the general public,

If a person runs afoul of the guidelines established for the appropriate advertising, marketing, and promotion of anti-aging products, he or she can face serious legal consequences. Such an individual will find his or her self in need of tenacious representation from fraudulent anti-aging products lawyers.

Criminal Prosecution in a Fraudulent Anti-Aging Product Case

When an individual faces issues surrounding fraudulent anti-aging product allegations, a criminal prosecution is likely to be on a horizon. A criminal prosecution can happen on the state or federal level in New York. Indeed, it is conceivable that a person can be prosecuted on both the state and federal level in New York.

A criminal prosecution can have devastating consequences for a person charged with fraudulent anti-aging product activities. If convicted, a person charged with this type of crime can end up facing significant penalties. A person convicted of fraudulent anti-aging product activities can face a significant term of imprisonment and large fines.

A prosecution on the state level can result in the same consequences. The only real difference would be in the amount of time a convicted and sentenced person will actually serve while incarcerated. An incarcerated person will receive more time off for good behavior than is the case on the federal level.

Civil Penalties in a Fraudulent Anti-Aging Product Case

Facing prosecution for fraudulent anti-aging product activities is not the only type of sanction a person faces when accused of this type of illicit misconduct. An individual accused of this type of fraudulent scheme may be civilly sanctioned as well. These sanctions are likely to include monetary penalties as well as a prohibition of participating in certain types of business activities in the future.

Investigation for Fraudulent Anti-Aging Product Activities

Oftentimes in New York, a person is well aware that he or she is being investigated for fraudulent marketing practices in regard to an anti-aging product or products. When an investigation becomes obvious, the target of an inquiry must be proactive in retaining legal counsel.

A key defense strategy to employ when faced with a potential allegation of fraudulent marketing practices is to attempt to resolve an allegation of this type of wrong-doing. In some cases, with the assistance of talented, experienced legal counsel, a negotiated resolution of a case can be obtained before a criminal prosecution is initiated. Oftentimes, such a resolution will focus on some sort of agreement on the civil side of the matter. Such a resolution is far favorable to facing a protracted criminal prosecution, and the potential negative consequences of that type of legal pursuit

A person targeted in an investigation of marketing fraud, or charged with that type of crime in regard to anti-aging products in New York, must not submit to an interrogation by investigators or other law enforcement officials without the assistance of legal counsel. A person has the constitutional right to have an attorney present when facing criminal charges.

Oftentimes, a so-called promise is made by investigators that a person will obtain a better resolution of case by cooperating. In the final analysis, on the state and federal levels in New York, an investigator or law enforcement official lacks the authority to satisfy such an obligation.

Retain Fraudulent Anti-Aging Products Lawyers

The first step in retaining fraudulent anti-aging products lawyers is scheduling an initial consultation. As has been noted, taking a proactive stance in retaining legal representation is vital. Time and again, a person being investigated for some type of marketing fraud lessens negative consequences by being proactive in engaging a lawyer. As general rule, fraudulent anti-aging products lawyers charge no fee for an initial consultation with a prospective client.

During an initial consultation, a person being investigated for, or charged with, marketing fraud has the opportunity to ask key questions. A defense attorney will also provide an overall evaluation of a case and what strategies can be employed to best protect a person’s rights and interests.

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