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What To Do First If a Loved One Is Arrested by Federal Agents Lawyers

November 2, 2020 Federal Criminal Attorneys

Watching a family member or other close relation be subject to arrest for a any crime can be confusing and emotionally draining. However, such emotions are often multiplied many times over when such apprehensions are performed by federal agents.

The Spodek Law Group requests clients and interested parties read this piece highlighting important tips impacted subjects can perform if ever faced with, in addition to executing said actions such the utmost calm, professionalism, and astuteness.

Responsible Actions

Gather All Pertinent Information

Close relations are encouraged to gather as much information as possible. Try and find out the charges being levied against the accused party and why federal authorities reached such conclusions.

Document The Arrest Process

Arrest processes must be done in accordance with strictly established procedures. Incorrect or improper execution of said endeavors could work to the arrested party’s advantage.

Therefore, the accused’s relations are firmly urged to pay close attention to the arrest and author copious notes. Any irregularities or inappropriately performed procedures could help the defendant’s attorney get associated charges dismissed.

Retain A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Services

Oftentimes, federal charges are complex. Therefore, the accused’s loved ones are encouraged to promptly hire a criminal defense attorney. That said, this professional should have extensive experience handling federal criminal cases. Such individuals understand how to work with the government and the intricacy of the federal criminal process.

Attend The Pretrial Hearing

Shortly after arrest, the alleged perpetrator will attend a pretrial hearing. Their kinfolk are encouraged to attend said event to gain a clearer understanding of the charges their relation faces. Additionally, family members might be able to provide authorities information that might help improve the accused’s case.

Read Up On Federal Law

Loved ones are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the charges their kin face, in addition to the federal laws pertaining to the case in question. Engaging in such action will ensure relatives stay in the loop at all times.

Find Out Where Detention Is Taking Place

In all likelihood, the accused defender will be held up at some type of federally-operated holding center until their release. If the detainee cannot be released, loved ones can make sure the accused receives necessary items like clothing or medications.


If authorities request a loved one to do something, they should act accordingly. Defiance or resistance could prove detrimental to their loved one’s case.

Irresponsible Actions

Interfering Or Behaving Irrationally

While it is understandable for a relative to be upset, perplexed, and angry, said individuals must not let these feelings explode. Family members should not question or hinder said proceedings.

If federal agents are arresting a loved one, said officials possess ample reasons to take such action. It is important to remember that the person under suspicion will be given a chance to prove their innocence. Carrying on or interfering will only impede the process and might cause their relative additional problems.

Not Remaining Silent

American citizens are afforded the right to stay silent for a reason. Relatives should exercise this privilege and not reveal any information. The slightest slip up could provide arresting authorities and prosecutors the ammunition needed to build an even more compelling case against the accused.

Discussing The Case With Anyone

Relatives should only discuss any facts or information about the case with a federal criminal defense lawyer. Under no circumstances should they impart any knowledge or even opinions about said events to anyone else. This goes double for those considering the use of social media outlets.

Once again, individuals should remember that anything they say or publicly express could come back to haunt them. Moreover, even the most trusted associates might have difficulty keeping confidential information to themselves.


If questioned, the accused’s relations should never lie to authorities. Such actions could further damage the alleged offender’s case. Moreover, lying to federal officials is a crime and those who commit such malfeasant acts could face federal charges of their own.

Contacting Us

A federal criminal process can be trying for the accused party and their kin. However, adhering to the preceding dos and don’ts might help the one’s chances of surviving the ordeal unscathed or, at the very least, less harshly. Please visit for further information about our firm.



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