NYC Federal Child Pornography Lawyers

Child pornography is a very serious federal crime, because it victimizes children. Child pornography charges result in extremely severe punishments if you’re convicted. If you’re charged with any crime pertaining to child pornography, then you need an experienced NYC federal child pornography lawyer who can represent you in court. Raiser & Kenniff understands child pornography charges as it pertains your case. We have handled most types of federal cases, and can help protect your rights under the law. We can help protect your innocence, so your future isn’t ruined – especially if there are unwarranted charges.

Child pornography is defined as visual imagery, which depicts children under age 18, in sexual situations for purposes of sexual stimulation. This can include, photographs, videos, of minors engaged in explicit sexual activity or nudity. It can also include drawings, generated images, animations, or other computer enhanced visuals. As a result, you can be guilty of child pornography even if you didn’t use a minor to create the pornographic material. It still carries the same weight, even if a child wasn’t actually victimized. Any willful act of creating, or possessing, child pornograph with the intent to view is a violation of federal law. If you’re convicted, you could face up to 15 years in prison per offense. In addition, once you get out – your name could be on a sex offender registry, ruining your chances of future employment.

Our NYC Federal Child Pornography Lawyers Can Help

Not every depiction of a minor is considered pornographic. You need a trained criminal defense lawyer who can help prove that the image is medical, or non-sexually suggestive, or part of an artistic expression which doesn’t seek to exploit the child. Our job is to help prove the image, wasn’t pornographic in nature. It’s possible to be in violation of child pornography laws, without intentionally exploiting a minor. For example, if an 18 year old videotapes sex with his 17 year old girlfriend with her consent, it could be classified as child pornography because one participant was a minor. In some cases, it’s possible to build a defense in the event you were in possession of child pornography without your direct knowledge. For example, if someone accessed your computer, and put child pornography on your computer as a result of a malware, or virus, then this is something we can help prove in court. We can help advise you of your rights, and options, in order to lodge a plea and defense. We will work to defend your innocence, and will file the appropriate appeals necessary if a conviction occurs.

Convicted sex offenders are subject to being listed in the sex offender registry. These requirements mean sex offenders have to report their location in an online database, so that their neighbors are aware of their history. In addition, sex offenders are limited in terms of where they can live and work.

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