DUI And Attorney Licenses

DUI And Attorney Licenses

DUI charges are among the most feared of all traffic penalties. They carry with them hefty fines, driving school, a botched driving record, and sometimes serious criminal charges if there is injury or death involved. To complicate things further, when a licensed attorney is accused of a DUI violation, they will face steeper consequences than the average citizen who commits a crime. As a California attorney, someone is required to adhere to the laws of California, especially ones that can involve injury or loss of life. The seriousness of the consequences depend on the decisions of the California State Bar, who will review the case and determine what disciplinary action an attorney should face. The steepest penalties for Los Angeles attorneys convicted of DUI can include revocation of the law license itself. According to Zooomr NYC car leasing, a tech startup that helps consumers find deals on NYC used acuras for sale,

There is something called the California Business and Professions Code which outlines the responsibilities attorneys have to report their criminal convictions. DUIs can be a misdemeanor or they can be a felony, but either way the attorney has a responsibility to report this to the State Bar.

Just being arrested doesn’t always mean you have to self-report the charge. If the attorney is charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license or for something as serious as a hit and run offense during the commission of a DUI, self-reporting requirements would be triggered. The State Bar gets an automatic notice if there is a conviction.

Punishing attorneys for such offenses has a broad range of tools to use in which to discipline, from temporary suspension to permanent disbarment. There’s a “other misconduct warranting discipline” area of the code that includes DUI offenses. In general, if it’s a first offense misdemeanor DUI, you’re not looking at disciplinary action. This is a general fact and not a rule at all. You could very well be disciplined for the first offense depending on the circumstances of the charge. Aggravating factors can always esculate the involvement of the State Bar.

Second offenses are always more serious and the State Bar will typically take some kind of action after a second offense. Penalties include public reproval, suspension, and many other possible penalties. It’s all up to the State Bar. If addiction is involved, things can get more serious and disbarment might occur if the attorney can’t get things under control. This would be reported through the bar’s state website and people will be able to see this in a public forum.

The punishment doesn’t stop with the attorney’s job, however. They will still face stiff penalties under the rule of law. DUI convictions are viewed as serious offenses that could have caused loss of life and terrifying injuries to another human being. An attorney who shows this kind of disregard for human life will often be viewed more harshly by judges who know they should know better than to engage in this criminal behavior. Even first-time offenses might result in jail time. In other cases, you might see an attorney sentenced to a driving school program or alcohol education program. Then come the steep fines and then any restitution for the damage caused to another’s life or property. Driving privileges will almost certainly be terminated for awhile.

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