NYC Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence incidents occur more than 960,000 times per year as per statistics from the Department of Justice. Out of those 960,000 occurrences, 85 percent of the victims are women. Domestic violence is a serious offense that can result in harsh penalties because of the nature of the crime. Any person who receives a citation for such an offense is at risk of enduring multiple levels of penalties. The following provides some information about the complex crime of domestic violence.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is an umbrella of crimes that usually occur within the household. Domestic violence commonly occurs between spouses or between parents and their children. However, people can still qualify for domestic violence if they have a different type of relationship than the one that was just stated. For example, an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend can have a domestic violence situation. Two people who share a child can have a domestic violence incident, as well. The highest number of domestic violence incidents are between women and their former boyfriends. Domestic violence is a large umbrella of smaller crimes that can include the following:

Physical Assault or Threats

A large percentage domestic violence incidents are incidents that involve physical assault. Physical assault includes acts such as punching, kicking, pushing, shoving, biting, burning and the like. Physical assault happens between domestic partners, parents and children, siblings and more.


Harassment is a term that can describe a wide variety of actions. For example, calling someone repeatedly after he or she requests a cessation of contact would be considered harassment. Showing up at someone’s house uninvited is a form of harassment, as well. Making undesirable appearances at a person’s job is harassment. Any type of harassment qualifies for a domestic violence suit.

Verbal and Emotional Abuse

Verbal and emotional abuse can qualify as domestic violence crimes because they can damage a person’s psyche and make that person fearful, depressed or unable to function. Verbal abuse is the use of profanity and other demeaning words. Emotional abuse is an abuse type that is difficult to prove, but it consists of manipulation, abandonment and refusal to supply someone with emotional support when that person needs it the most.

Sexual Abuse

The most common form of sexual abuse is rape, and it can occur between spouses. A person who says no to intercourse expresses that he or she does not wish for it to occur. Any person who forces it against the other person’s will is guilty of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse could consist of dressing children in a provocative manner or forcing them to watch things such as pornography.

The Penalties for Domestic Violence

Many penalties exist for domestic violence charges as they can have both civil and criminal penalties. For one, one of the parties may receive a restrainer order which will force the other party to stay away from him or her. Parents who are guilty of domestic violence may suffer greatly because they may be denied time with their children. The parties will have to meet inside of a civil courtroom with a judge so that the judge can decide whether a temporary restraining order should be permanent.

The judge may order the defendant to pay a civil fine, as well. In terms of criminal charges, a person could end up with fines, jail time and a permanent criminal record. The severity of the crime will determine the amount of the fines and jail time that may apply. Any person who receives a citation for domestic violence should meet with an attorney as quickly as possible for assistance.

An Experienced Law Office Can Help

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