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DEA Defense Lawyers

April 16, 2022 DEA Defense Lawyers

Since the early 1970’s, the federal government has been fighting an ongoing battle to eliminate the illegal sale, purchase and use of drugs designated illegal. This includes substances like heroin and other opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine and even marijuana in most states. The government agency responsible for this drug enforcement is the DEA, or Drug Enforcement Agency, and it is part of the federal government. Any drug charge that involves the DEA should be taken seriously. It is imperative to retain a good criminal defense attorney that has experience in these types of federal drug trafficking charges or other types of drug cases.

The stakes are much higher when individuals are charged with a federal drug crime. The mandatory sentencing regulations are much higher than a state or local drug charge in the majority of cases. However, New York City residents should also be aware that a main office of this federal drug agency is right in the city. It is common for local drug cases to be taken over by federal agents who were likely monitoring the drug activity that could have led to the arrest. In either scenario, the best action that the accused individual can take is to call a qualified criminal lawyer skilled in major drug crime representation.

Much of the case against the accused drug trafficker is typically based on evidence that law enforcement officers obtained during a raid or at the time of arrest. Often, a known drug abuser could be monitored if federal agents are trying to bust higher up players. Law enforcement agents need the proper search warrant prior to searching someone’s private home, person or property. There are strict rules that the officers need to follow in the process of collecting incriminating evidence against the suspect. A trained criminal defense attorney will seek to find improper search and seizure activities by the police.

Proving this can get that evidence thrown out. The charges could be dropped, or in the more common case where the agents do have substantial amounts of evidence, the attorney will seek a lesser charge and/or lighter sentencing on behalf of their clients. City residents should be aware that these federal drug charges could be filed against them even if what the person is caught with is their personal stash of marijuana. If the amount is enough, the agents will enforce those stiffer charges especially if the suspect has a connection to major drug traffickers that they are targeting.

With the nation concerned about the opiod crisis, medical doctors and other professionals are also at risk of severe drug charges that could end up with the convicted person losing his/her medical or health related license. DEA agents often investigate medical practices that potentially could be involved with illegal drugs getting onto the street. These drug enforcement agents will monitor how patients get their prescriptions for the drug, how they pay, whether the doctor actually sees the patient and so on. This is why it is essential that any doctor, pharmacist or other health professional being investigated for illegal or improper distribution of drugs to contact an attorney that is qualified to represent these sorts of criminal cases.

Top criminal attorneys know that some individuals in law enforcement and other governing agencies will use tactics and methods not quite on the level to prove their cases. When searching for the right lawyer, hiring one that has actual experience in working for the prosecution side can be very helpful when charged with this type of criminal offense. Innocent people that are told that they are just having a chat with police should be wary.

At the first sign that a person is under suspicion of anything related to drugs, they should ask for a criminal defense attorney. By law, at that point, the officers must allow the suspect to call an attorney and cease questioning the person. Retaining a criminal defense attorney knowledgeable regarding drug prosecution cases can mean the difference between jail time or having the case dropped or at least lowering the penalties. A drug charge can affect more than just the person charged. Entire families can find themselves facing prejudice. Visit for more information.



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