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Connecticut Drug Diversion Lawyers

April 5, 2022 CT

Drug diversion is not a simple crime, and those accused and convicted of it are punished heavily by the law in every state. If you’ve been accused of drug diversion, the best thing to do is call an attorney with experience working with drug diversion cases to help you build a defense and clear your name. Drug diversion is the act of misappropriating prescription medication. Whether you’re a doctor writing inappropriate prescriptions for people who don’t need them, a nurse taking medication from the doctor’s office, or someone else with access to this type of medication, your personal and professional life are in jeopardy if you’re arrested on a drug diversion charge.

It’s a serious crime that’s often punished with ample jail time, and it also comes with the punishment of losing professional licensing across the country. Your job, your future, and your entire life depend on the outcome of a drug diversion case. There’s no time to waste calling an attorney. Do it now to ensure you have the best possible legal representation to build a defense and clear your name.

The Seriousness of Drug Diversion

If you are selling or writing inappropriate prescriptions for prescription drugs, you’re going to be caught and arrested. If it’s found your selling has crossed any state lines, your case goes into federal court where fines, penalties, and punishments are far more severe. An investigation is initiated into your practice, work, and professional life. Everything in your life is turned upside down, and your life becomes a bigger mess than you ever imagined. What happens when you are arrested is your office is subpoenaed. Records are taken into the court, your patient’s confidentiality is at risk, and your practice is going to garner a terrible reputation.

If you are found guilty, you’ll face a hearing with the state board to have your medical license taken from you. if you own your own practice, you risk losing it. The penalties for drug diversion are serious, and you’ll never work in the medical field again if you are accused and then convicted of this particular crime. What makes the situation even more dire for anyone is even a lack of conviction in court can still result in the loss of your professional license. The mere accusation of drug diversion can cause the state licensing board to decide you cannot hold a professional license in the state any longer. Your entire future rides on this case.

Penalties for Drug Diversion

– Loss of license
– Jail time
– Fines
– Probation
– Restitution
– Felony record

It’s the inability to work in the medical field that bothers most people when they’re arrested on a drug diversion charge. However, the penalties are severe and they vary greatly based on several factors. One such factor is the amount of time you spent doing this, the number of bad prescriptions you wrote or issued, whether you have any past convictions, and many other factors. If you are convicted, you could face several years in jail for each count of drug diversion you’re accused of. Fines can be issued, and they’re expensive. If you are convicted, there is no question your professional license will be revoked and your ability to practice medicine is over.

Hiring an Attorney

If you are accused of drug diversion, an experienced attorney is the first thing you need. It’s the moment you choose to defend yourself. Do not speak to anyone, do not make any statements, and do not speak without an attorney present. Let us work with you to help build a defense that keeps you out of jail and away from being convicted. Our attorneys work hard to prove there is no evidence, the evidence handed out is inappropriate, and we work to prove you did nothing wrong.

Our job is to keep you out of jail and to keep your professional license intact. We examine every piece of evidence, every witness, every statement made, and we find every piece of misinformation given to the opposing council that’s damaging to your case. Our job is to prove you did nothing wrong. By ensuring allegations of drug diversion are headed off from the start, we can help prevent an investigation and any formal legal action from occurring. This is the best way to keep your career on track and stay out of jail for committing a crime or being accused of committing a crime.

It’s often the mere accusation you did something wrong that ruins your practice and reputation, which is why keeping a drug diversion attorney close is one way to ensure your practice and reputation remain intact. Don’t let someone else drag your name through the mud and accuse you of something so drastic.



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