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Connecticut Drug Crimes Lawyers

April 5, 2022 CT

Drugs are illegal in the United States, and there is no exception to that law. If a law enforcement officer finds you in possession of any drug, you will be taken to jail to face criminal drug charges. This is true of both legal and illegal drugs. If you have possession of an illegal drug, there is no question you will be arrested. If you are found in possession of a legal drug but have no prescription from a doctor for the drug, you will face drug charges of a criminal nature. Drugs kill people every day, and the federal court wants Americans to live safely and without fear of death.

If you are arrested or charged with any type of drug-related crimes in the United States, call an experienced drug crimes attorney right away. This might be the only chance you have to clear your name. Drug crimes lawyers are familiar with the law, what is legal and what is not, and they can protect you from further incriminating yourself in a court of law.

Legal Ramifications of Drug Possession

There is no simple way to classify the type of legal ramification you face when charged with a drug crime. The legal ramifications vary based on the type of drug you have in your possession, how much of it you have, whether you have a past criminal drug history, and whether you intended to distribute the drug to others.

All drugs are classified in five distinct categories called Schedules. Each schedule is classified by its seriousness, with schedule one drugs being the most serious. This includes drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, and heroin. They’re the most dangerous and most severely penalized due to the high likelihood of addiction people face when they use these drugs.

As the schedules get higher, the drugs are less severe. They include prescription drugs being taken by those who haven’t a prescription and items of that nature. Those unfamiliar with drug law aren’t always aware how serious a drug charge is until they are booked and charged. An attorney can help you understand which schedule your drug crime falls into, and what might happen based on the very personal details of your particular crimes.

Legal Penalties of Drug Crimes

There are different methods of penalty for drug crimes in the United States, and some of those differ in specific states. In states where marijuana is considered legal, the law differs than it does in states where it’s not legal.

Anyone charged with drug crimes can face jail time, fines, probation, and even a prison sentence based on the severity of the crime. A judge’s job is to listen to the attorney charging you with a crime prove your guilt. This attorney will point out how much of a drug you carried, how many drugs you had, where you were when you were caught, and whether you were intent on selling drugs.

If you are found with schedule I or II drugs in large amounts, it’s likely the court will attempt to prove your goal was trafficking. This means you were selling drugs to make a profit, turning you into a drug dealer rather than someone merely in possession of drugs for personal use.

How a Drug Crimes Lawyer Can Help

Our job as a drug crimes attorney is to help you find a way out of your current legal mess. Our attorneys work to disprove the accusing party’s accusations. The job of a drug crimes attorney is to prove you were not intent to sell drugs, and to prove you are willing to take responsibility for your addiction. Drug crimes lawyers fight for a rehabilitation sentence rather than prison time. Successful completion of rehab allows those convicted of drug crimes to come out without a criminal record.

An attorney who works with clients convicted of drug crimes work hard to defend their clients, and one popular method of defense comes in the form of brokering a deal with the court. Your attorney will work with the court to create a deal for you that entails a variety of details. If you have knowledge of a major drug ring or dealer, an attorney might work with you to provide names, information, and evidence needed to convict someone much more powerful and dangerous.

If you are a first-time offender, your attorney might be able to broker a deal that involves rehabilitation and/or community service in return for a lesser charge. There are many methods of defense your attorney can offer when it comes to brokering deals.

Since a criminal record can affect your ability to land legal work in the United States, this is what those accused of drug crimes are looking for. Call a drug crimes attorney today to improve your chances of avoiding jail time in favor of rehab and a brighter future.



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