NYC Contractor Fraud Lawyers

Are you being investigated for contractor criminal fraud? Raiser & Kenniff, PC, is a premier NYC criminal defense law firm that has experience dealing with ┬ácontractor fraud cases. Contractor fraud pertains to illegal actions taken by contractors. Fraud is done on the part of the contract when performing repairs, or doing services that cheat the other party. Contractors can be accused of fraud in an individual capacity, or even construction companies can be accused of fraud. Contractor fraud is a huge issue, especially after catastrophes like Hurricane Sandy – because homeowners are stuck with more bills, and have more damage on their property due to low quality work done by contractors. Many homeowners are uninformed and as a result don’t press criminal charges.

Here are some examples of scams that could get you, the contractor, into trouble.

-Requiring payment up front and not doing the work

-Engaging in written contracts and then having side verbal agreements

-Not being licensed, or getting the right work permits

-Revealing unforeseen problems which need extra work

-Stealing materials from the client

What we can do to help

Most contract fraud cases can be resolved quickly by our NYC contractor fraud lawyers. In most cases, we explain your point of view in how you satisfied the terms of the contract. It’s very difficult for the prosecution to prove fraud. Most of the time, the prosecutor can’t prove it – and has to settle. Often, you’ll end up having to pay some penalties, or paying back the money to the client for incomplete work. In the event you don’t have your licenses, or didn’t get the right work permits, you’ll be subjected to some financial penalties depending on the plea agreement we are able to negotiate. If you try to show that you’ve tried correcting the issue, and have shown good will to the client – this can go a long way in getting a more favorable result to your case.

Our firm was founded by two former prosecutors, and has immense experience handing most types of cases. We encourage you to get a risk free consultation by contact us today.