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Los Angeles Hate Crimes Lawyers

By Spodek Law Group | May 23, 2016

Defending Against Hate Crimes in Los Angeles: Why You Need a Skilled Attorney What Is a Hate Crime in California? In Los Angeles, anyone convicted of a hate crime may be facing enhanced sentencing. The right defense attorney can make all the difference in your case. That's why it's vital...

Los Angeles Gun Charges Lawyers

By Spodek Law Group | May 23, 2016

Americans have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Nonetheless, those rights are bound by legal restrictions. Some of these are well known by people while other laws are not as familiar. This unfamiliarity with the law can lead people to run afoul of the law, and this may...

New York No-Fault Insurance Fraud Lawyer

By Spodek Law Group | January 19, 2016

New York Criminal Lawyers with our firm represent healthcare professionals and other individuals accused of No-Fault Insurance Fraud in state and federal courts. Our clients include physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists, attorneys, and others. We have years of experience defending white-collar criminal cases, especially those involving healthcare and insurance fraud....

New York(NY) Healthcare License Defense Lawyer

By Spodek Law Group | January 11, 2016

Healthcare professionals in New York are comprised of a number of different types of occupations. There are nurses, doctors, chiropractors, physicians assistants, dentists, and other types of medical field professionals. All of these positions are licensed and are not allowed to provide their healthcare services without a clean license. People...

New York Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer

By Spodek Law Group | January 11, 2016

As a pharmacist, you are a critical part of the chain of health care delivery. You have an essential role in ensuring that people get the care they need. However, that importance comes with oversight. Every state, including New York, has a disciplinary board that regulates and distributes pharmacist licenses....

New York Medicare Audit Lawyer

By Spodek Law Group | January 10, 2016

Anyone who is in the law profession knows just how important it is to have a proper defense. There are many people in medicine who believe they will never need the help of a lawyer. However, there are plenty of times when a lawyer's services are needed. One of the...

New York Medicaid Audit Lawyer

By Spodek Law Group | January 10, 2016

In today's complex world of healthcare, government-funded programs such as Medicaid are under more scrutiny than ever. With budget deficits looming for the federal government and funding being tighter than ever, government officials are determined to make sure the money associated with these programs is used in the proper manner....

New York Physician Assistant License Defense Lawyer

By Spodek Law Group | January 10, 2016

Every physician assistant (PA) must be aware of the menacing presence of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) areas of inquiry. What can OPMC investigate about their PA free-time activities in their own homes? Unfortunately, OPMC says as licensed professionals how PAs conduct their lives is at all times...

New York Doctor License Defense Lawyer

By Spodek Law Group | January 10, 2016

As a doctor in the state of New York, you are already up to your eyeballs in pressure. New patients arrive every day, with ailments and illnesses that must be taken care of. All sorts of new procedures are being developed that you need to learn. Taxes and regulations are...

NY Healthcare Fraud Lawyers

By Spodek Law Group | January 9, 2016

As today's healthcare system grows more complex, many healthcare providers find themselves being scrutinized by government agencies. As a result of this, there is a much greater chance they may find themselves being accused of healthcare fraud. Due to rules and regulations changing almost daily, it's imperative for healthcare providers...

NY Physical Therapist License Defense Lawyer

By Spodek Law Group | January 9, 2016

There are many people who go into the field of medicine in order to help people. However, often times one mistake can really affect a person's career. There are a lot of people in medicine who have had to spend a lot of time and money fighting a legal case....

New York Medical License Defense Lawyer

By Spodek Law Group | January 9, 2016

If you have reason to believe that serious disciplinary charges are about to be filed against you, or if such charges have already been filed, the time to contact a New York medical defense lawyer is now. You've spent years earning your degree and building up your practice. Don't leave...

We helped a gemstone company recently

By Spodek Law Group | December 20, 2015

48 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Stylish Women 2022 5 of Our Favourite Eco-Cleaning Brands AGTA GemFair 2020 at the Tucson Gem Show 10 Iconic Pieces of Jewelry That Will Never Go Out Of Style How to protect your jewelry in the summer? Link Post 27 Chunky Gold Rings That...

Is CBD oil illegal?

By Spodek Law Group | August 25, 2015

The Law and CBD oil Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a compound derived from cannabis. It has become popular in recent years for the therapeutic properties it provides people. There are CBD oil advocates who claim it is effective in dealing with anxiety, seizures, and many other ailments. Some people believe...

NY Pharmacy Attorney

By Spodek Law Group | August 24, 2015

Our attorneys can provide representation in a number of licensing and registration matters pending before the State Education Department, Office of Professional Discipline (OPD), the Office of Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG), and the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) Earning your license was a significant investment of time and...

NY Foreign Bank Account Report Attorneys

By Spodek Law Group | August 9, 2015

NY FBAR Attorneys New York based attorneys with Spodek Law Group PC represent US residents in matters involving the Foreign Bank Account Report regulations anywhere in the country. We have represented numerous clients accused by the IRS of failing to file a foreign bank account report. Many American citizens keep...

NY Drug Diversion Attorneys

By Spodek Law Group | August 9, 2015

New York Drug Diversion Attorneys Drug Diversion By Physicians At Spodek Law Group our defense attorneys represent physicians who have been accused of drug diversion on local and federal levels. Drug diversion in the medical profession is a serious issue that essentially is unlawful distribution or abuse of prescription drugs. Drug...

New York Medicaid Fraud Legal Guide

By Spodek Law Group | August 2, 2015

What are the types of Medicaid Fraud in New York There are two categories of people who are investigated and prosecuted for fraud: benefits recipients and providers. If you're a Medicaid Recipient, you may be guilty of Fraud for the following: • Providing false information on the Medicaid application (lying...

What is Embezzlement and what are the Criminal Charges?

By Spodek Law Group | April 21, 2015

Embezzlement is one sort of property robbery. It happens when somebody who was endowed to oversee or screen another person's cash or property takes all or piece of that cash or property for the taker's close to home addition. The key is that the litigant had lawful access to an...

New York Medicaid Exclusion Attorney

By Spodek Law Group | December 20, 2012

New York Medicaid Exclusion Attorney Our New York Medicaid and Medicare exclusion attorneys represent healthcare providers that have been excluded from participation in state and federal program such as Medicaid and Medicare as the result of criminal conviction, a disciplinary action, or an audit. Although a person is innocent until...

New York Dental License Defense Lawyers

By Spodek Law Group | November 28, 2012

New York Dental License Defense Attorney Our New York Dental License defense lawyers dedicate a substantial part of our practice to representing  dentist in disciplinary matters and misconduct proceedings before the the State Department of Education Office of Professional Discipline (OPD). We are extremely qualified and have successfully represented dentists in every step...

NY Medical License Defense Attorney

By Spodek Law Group | September 7, 2011

New York Medical  License Defense Attorney Our firm can help defend physicians and physician's assistants in criminal and professional licensing matters with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). In fact, defending New York physicians is one of our primary practice areas. Attending and graduating from medical school, surviving medical...

New Jersey Medical License Defense Attorneys

By Spodek Law Group | September 7, 2011

NEW JERSEY MEDICAL LICENSE DEFENSE ATTORNEYS If you are a physician licensed to practice medicine in New Jersey and you receive a communication from the Board regarding any alleged violation or find yourself under criminal investigation, you need an experienced New Jersey medical license defense attorney to represent you. Before...

New York OPMC Attorney | NYC OPMC Lawyers

By Spodek Law Group | September 7, 2011

When we represent physicians in the OPMC matters, we always strive to resolve issues quickly before the situation escalates. We would begin by thoroughly investigating your case by interviews and document reviews. We will then present out position to the OPMC investigator  often convincing the agency to terminate the case...

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