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NYC Advance Fee Fraud Lawyers

Advanced fee fraud is an example of when a victim pays a money to someone else, expecting they’ll receive something of significant value in exchange. That means getting a contract, a gift, a loan, or something else, in exchange for the advance fee. The victim never gets anything for his, or her, investment/advanced fee. Typically, these situations require a scammer to give their victim a contract so they can look legitimate. The scammer will require the contract be signed in order to then introduce the person to someone else who will provide financing, or other services. These contracts are considered legal, unless you can prove the scammer never had any intention of providing financing.

Prosecutors often have a difficult time of proving that the scammer had false intentions – when it comes to advance fee fraud cases. Federal and state agencies will typically investigate all of the allegations made. Defendants in advanced fee fraud cases can be charged with many different crimes. If you are faced with such accusations, you need to get an advanced fee fraud lawyer to help you defend you. Our attorneys can help you – not only get the charges reduced, but even dropped, all together.

Types of Advanced Fee Fraud

Advanced fee fraud happens when a false promise is made when someone pays an upfront fee which is not returned. This is a broad term, under which 4 main charges occur. Below are some examples of advanced fee fraud our attorneys can help with.

  • Offering to let a victim participate in a special deal in exchange for an advanced fee
  • Requesting someone help you take money from country which is politically unstable
  • Promising to send products/money/service after an advanced fee is made
  • Requesting someone help law enforcement officers in order to catch thieves

Advanced fee’s are called by numerous names, such as taxes, administrative fees, handling fees, etc. The FBI has concluded that some advance fee fraud schemes also include some sort of offer that the victim is going to be given financing options after the initial fee is paid. After that, the victim will pay an upfront fee, or sign a which states they’ll pay the fee once the source of financing has been found. Once the scammer gets the funds, the victim figures out he/she isn’t actually going to get any financing. Proving the contract was fraudulent can be difficult.


The prosecutor has to prove each and every element of crime. The case will revolve around proving the scammer intentionally misled someone, and that false statements were made in order to scam victims of their money. If the prosecutor can prove the crime, then there are several fraud charges you could be facing. Both federal and state laws prohibit fraud when using the internet, telemarketing, or the US postal system. Fraud charges carry severe penalties. You could face 20-30 years in prison – especially if a bank, or some other institution, was defrauded.

Considering how difficult and serious these cases are, we encourage you speak to our NYC advance fee fraud lawyers.


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